Why Canada

· We are always looking for ways to grow our business.
· 2 years of planning while experiencing the country (and its business
community) from within.
· 18 years of solid relationships with large businesses allows us to explore
different avenues for growth.
· Most of our portfolio can be “scaled” to fit just about every type (size) of

Transitioning our portfolio of services to the Small & Medium Business community in Mexico has been a challenge. 

Economic/Business landscape in Canada is ideal for our portfolio & SMEs… 

What we offer

Market Research

· TURF (Total Unduplicated Reach & Frequency)
· Conjoint
Segmentation (Client & Consumer profile)
· Image & Market positioning
· Satisfaction models
· Triggers & Barriers
        · Path Analysis
        · Need states  

Internal data

· Expansion Models
· Sales Forecasts
        · Sales explanation model
        · Historical price elasticity
       · Share of market model
       · Marketing mix model
· Simulators / Dashboards / Scorecards / Visualization tools 

Mix data

· Consumer Potential Model
· Rejecter analysis
· Basket analysis
· Promotional models
· Innovation models


· Neuro-Linguistic programming
· Machine Learning
· Scraping / Crawling 

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